Saturday, October 18, 2008

Scrap Whispers Challenge #2

This is my layout for the Scrap Whispers Challenge #2. The challenge was that you couldn't use any faces in your layout. The backs of people heads was okay, just no eyes, nose or lips. This was a lot of fun to do. It's not very often that I take any pictures without the front of someones face on them. These just turned out to be perfect for the challenge. This is my little boy spraying our truck with his water gun. He'd asked me if he could spray his basketball with the water gun, but I knew better than that. LOL My journaling strips read: "This is NOT what I call spraying your basketball with your water gun- October 2008" Thanks for looking. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun Day

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog. I guess there's not been too much going on to talk about. The weather has been absolutely beautiful here, so I wanted to do something with the kid's yesterday. We went to the park for awhile with my friend Meg and then we went to a local Pumpkin Patch here in town. It's just a little bitty place that has games and a few fun things for the kid's to do. All of the pumpkins are already picked and set out ready to buy. The kid's had a great time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me.... yada yada yada

Today I turned 38 years young. It's been anything but a happy birthday. However, I won't complain (too much) and just share a few pics I took of the one man in my life that didn't forget my birthday today. I just love him to pieces. He drew me a birthday cake with candles!! Too cute!

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

At the Orchard in Speer, IL

I'm finally getting around to updating my blog from when we visited my family last weekend up in Illinois. Sorry to my brother's that I know stalk my blog for not posting sooner. :) Love you guy's!! It was a great weekend. I miss my family so much!! This was a pretty cool place. We had a lot of fun. Here's a few pic's to share.

Neither kid was thrilled about taking pics on the pumpkin's.

This billy goat bridge was the funniest thing. These goats go from one side to the other while people use a manual conveyer belt to send food up to them in a little plastic cup. This particilar one took a liking to my dad.

My middle brother Dr. Don & I. I love you bro!!

My niece Hannah and her kitty Boo.

My nieces Hannah and Elizabeth.

My brother Dr. Don and sis-in-law Jenean. 19 year's of bliss!! LOL I love you sis!!

Love my fam!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Guess who I got to see today????

I FINALLY got to see my little guy Isaac today. He's getting so big!!! His hair is really thick and long in the back, but very light on the top and sides, too cute! He's standing up by himself for a few seconds, but not taking any steps yet. I found some of Bobby's baby clothes, and this is one of them. I never thought I'd have a grandbaby wearing them someday! LOL Avery took the pics, so that's why they're kind of crooked. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Garage Sale Finds

I finally got to go to a few garage sales this morning. I spent a whole $2.65, can't beat that now can you? I just loved this purse when I saw it, and who could resist it at 50 cents? What a bargain for the digital photography book- 10 cents!! The butterfly bookends are just adorable! The basket has butterflies on each side, and had some cute crafty things on the inside, including leather it.
Stopped by the kid's resale shop and found these cute black boots for Avery for a whole $3.00. She just loved them, and had to wear them immediately. They look kinda dirty in the pics, but they are like new!

When we were going out the door to leave, I heard Avery scream. I asked her what was the matter and she told me there was this HUMONGOUS spider making a web in the back of our truck. I of course had to grab my camera and go out and look. Well, not only was it discustingly ugly, it was actually "picking up" it's web. I've never seen a spider do that in my life. It was fast too! It balled it all up and then went inside the hole where the rollbar is on the truck. EWWW!!!!! Anybody that knows me knows that I'm deathly afraid of spider's, so it took a lot in me to even look at it through the lens! LOL

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


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